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We at RID-A-BUG Pest Control take great pride in being a service that protects your home and providing a safe and healthier environment free from pest.

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Traditional approaches to pest control service have always focused on the inside of the home.  Pests gain entry by squeezing over a threshold, hitching a ride on a family pet or climbing through numerous cracks and crevices around the perimeter of the home.  Your inconvenience includes dealing with the unwanted pests and scheduling an indoor service appointment.

RID-A-BUG Pest Control protects your home inside and out.  Using specialized materials and techniques, your home will receive a customized service, solving pest problems on the inside and preventing their return.  This approach makes sense.

About Us

RID-A-BUG Pest Control has been providing protection to residential and commercial properties in the Greater Birmingham and Over The Mountain area for over 10 years.  So you can depend on RID-A-BUG Pest Control to effectively solve your pest problem.


[March-September 2011]

Warm Weather Equals Fleas

Fleas thrive during the warm months of the year.  Pets walk and excrete waste in their yard and in neighboring yards, which allow fleas to populate  many areas in a short time.  Call us today if your yard and home needs a flea treatment.

[March-August 2011]

Mosquitos Can Be Annoying

Every year mosquitos seem to get worst due to extreme moisture and hot weather in the south.  Yards become saturated because sprinklers are often used, which creates the perfect environment for them to thrive.  Get your lawn and shrubs treated to control these shaded, moist areas.


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